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Using Loom to Record Video

I recently discovered the SUPER user-friendly recording software, Loom! It is my new favorite, mostly because of its simplicity. But, also because it’s free!

Once I signed up for a free account, I was immediately able to get started recording video. This is what the screen looked like when I began.

After you click to record a video, you’ll have the option of using it as an extension or as a desktop app. I just used the desktop app. It took less than a minute to get it all set up.

From there, you have the option to record just your screen, just you camera, or your screen and your camera.

There are different reasons you’d want to use each setting, but one great thing is that you can switch between them as you record.

For example, if you wanted to record yourself teaching a lesson to your students, you could begin with the camera only. You could introduce the lesson, talk to your students about what they will be learning, and hold up any materials. Then, you could switch to showing your screen only and use any digital materials that you have pulled up.

Or, you could do screen+cam and put yourself in a little circle in the corner. This is a great way to keep your students engaged.

You can even shrink the circle so it takes up less of your screen, and you can move it around so it’s out of the way!

How many different ways can you think of using this for your lessons? The possibilities are endless! Click here to check out Loom.

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