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Digital Reading Passages

Digital Reading Passages

Are you trying to figure out a way to practice reading with your students through Google Classroom? These Google Slides reading passages can be shared with your students through a Google Classroom assignment.

Koala Reading Passage Displayed on an iPad

There are thirty high-interest animals covered in this resource. and thirty high-interest locations covered in this resource. (We also have a literature set linked at the bottom of this post.)

They include a variety of question types including multiple choice options and written response questions.

They include skills like context clues, main idea and details, author’s purpose, making connections, and answer questions based on information provided in the text.

How to use this interactive resource in Google Classroom

There is also a PDF version if you prefer to print the reading passages. The above image shows how students will be able to answer their questions.

The passage and questions are flattened in the background of the slide. Students will move the semi-transparent blue circle to choose their multiple choice answer.

There are editable text boxes for questions that require written response.

Grab Digital Reading Passages

Grab these digital reading passages (animals) here.
Grab these digital reading passages (places) here.
Grab these digital reading passages (fables, folktales, myths) here.

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