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Center Binders for Guided Math

Center binders can be a great way to give students individualized centers to work on during Guided Math time. These can help promote students’ independence as well and keep them on task during Guided Math.

Why You Should Use Center Binders for Guided Math

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Here’s Why These Center Binders for Guided Math Are Great:

They are reusable!

You can use dry-erase markers and sheet protectors so students can wipe off their work and reuse these over and over again.

You can fit many into a binder!

This allows your students to have many options for their Guided Math May Do tasks. It also means they won’t run out of things to do. I recommend using 3-ring binders no smaller than one inch.

You can include pieces!

Sheet protectors are basically see-through pockets, allowing you to put pieces for a center inside.

You can also include any tools your students might need, such as a foam dice block, game board piece, dry erase marker, and a paper clip to use as a spinner.

These make differentiation a breeze!

Do you have students who need extra help with a specific skill? Maybe they need lower (or higher) level fluency practice? Get some fact fluency sheets from math-drills.com and put them in a sheet protector. Print the answer key on the back and you have differentiated fluency practice for your students.

They are easy to keep clean!

Students have their own binders, so they can be responsible for cleaning them up. I like to use hand sanitizer to wipe down the sheet protectors. It keeps them sanitary, and it is such an easy way to get those little bits of left on dry-erase markings off.

The centers pictured above are the types of centers that are included in my Guided Math units. The units include daily centers, practice pages, lesson plans, assessments and so much more.

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