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Digital Lessons for Guided Math

These Digital Lessons for Guided Math are a fun way for students to practice math skills.

These lessons are interactive slides (Google Slides) and are highly engaging.

Students will love getting to click and drag moveable pieces. There are also places where they will type answers into editable tables. (Some lessons require them to use multiple skills!)

The units are topic-based and cover grade-level math standards.

These are available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

How Do The Digital Lessons Work?

When I created these lessons, I created them with students in mind. The slides are brightly colored and include clear directions. It’s easy for students to see what parts of the slide they can interact with.

The slides have a simplistic and clean look, helping prevent technology fatigue. (And also endless questions from students asking what they are supposed to do!)

Check out this example from my two-step word problem digital lesson (Grade 3).

Example Digital Companion (Two-Step Word Problems) Using Moveable Pieces

In this two-step word problem lesson, students will use the moveable pieces to visually represent the word problem. In this problem, students will click and drag astronauts 3 astronauts to each of the four rockets, plus will add an additional two astronauts to the moon. Once they have their answer, they’ll type it in the blue box.

How These Can Help With Distance Learning

The Digital Lessons align to my Guided Math units so that they cover the same topics. (However–you can use these with or without my units.)

That means, you can teach from the unit in class (or even record yourself teaching the unit), and then assign the Digital Lessons for at-home practice.

The Digital Lessons were made to be kid-friendly and family-friendly! They include a few teaching slides at the beginning, just to refresh students’ memories, or help any parents who may be supporting their child through distance learning. After the teaching slides are ten problems for students to try on their own.

If you decide you want even more practice for a particular lesson, I’ve shared this Google Slides “hack” that you can use to duplicate problems and modify the lesson.

But, these Digital Lessons are not only for distance learning situations! They can also be a digital math center in your classroom or can be used as part of your instruction.

Want to see these in action?

Take a peek inside the 3rd Grade Digital Lessons Bundle! (Or scroll down to preview YOUR grade level!)

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