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3rd Grade Guided Math

3rd Grade Guided Math includes fifteen units covering all third grade math standards. The units included range from beginning the year with rounding and addition and subtraction, to ending the year with measurement. Your students will learn multiplication and division basics and then how to apply those concepts. The units can be taught in any order because they are independent of each other. So you can match them up to your district’s pacing.

The Units in 3rd Grade Guided Math are:

  • Rounding
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication Basics
  • Division Basics
  • Multiplication and Division Applications
  • Patterns
  • Two-Step Word Problems
  • Shapes & Attributes
  • Fractions
  • Fraction Applications
  • Graphing and Line Plots
  • Time
  • Capacity
  • Area
  • Perimeter

All 3rd Grade Guided Math Units Include:

  • Pre & Posts Assessments
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Daily Practice Pages
  • Daily Extension Activities
  • Vocabulary
  • Pages for interactive notebooks
  • & Much More

I hope this resource can save you a lot of time. With all of your lesson plans written, and resources gathered in one place, this will help you gain back some of your precious free time this school year!



Planning 3rd Grade Math:

Check out the year at a glance below

3rd Grade Year at a Glance
3rd Grade Math Pacing Guide for Common Core3rd Grade Guided Math Pacing Guide for TEKS

Click the images above to see the pacing guides for Common Core and for TEKS. ALL Common Core standards are covered. Learn more about TEKS correlation here. 


Guided Math is intended for small group instruction done by the teacher. These lessons are designed to be done as targeted instruction in a group setting, but teachers may choose to use some of the materials in whole group lessons as well. Need to edit your lesson plans? There is a separate file that includes all of the plans in an editable format.

3rd Grade Guided Math Lesson Plans
Editable guided math lesson plans


Prepping for Guided Math:


Vocabulary and definitions for third grade math

Vocabulary cards, definitions, and questions from the lessons are provided to display. You can put these in a pocket chart, or have them out on the table while you are teaching a lesson.

Posters and other printables for guided math
Printables are intended to be used to support instruction and provide students with hands on tools, posters, templates, and more that can help them understand whatever topic you are covering.
Daily practice pages for guided math lessons
A practice page is included for each day and covers the objective taught this day. Use this during your small group lesson to check for understanding, or make it a part of your rotations!
3rd Grade Guided Math Center Activities

Extension activities are also included for each day. These can be used after students have been taught the day’s lesson. You can add them to your rotations or centers.

Extra resources to support guided math lessons

Additional resources are provided to support your instruction. These resources vary from foldables, to games, to extra practice.

Guided math unit day by day overview

One of my favorite things in the Guided Math units are the unit overviews. Try color coding how well your class did with a lesson as you teach them. Save every unit overview and when its time to review for state testing, you know exactly what objectives to spend the most time reinforcing.

Similar pre and post assessments to measure growth


 The pre and post assessments included in each unit can be used to directly compare your students’ growth. They are similar enough, but use different problems.

Ready to get Guided Math running in your classroom?

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