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Essential Guided Math Materials

Guided Math is my favorite time of day. There is something really special about watching your students finally grasp a concept as you work with them in a small group.

Today, I’m pulling together a list of some of my must-have Guided Math materials that can make Guided Math time better in your classroom!

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Guided Math Materials for Students

White Boards and Wipe Off Markers

These are great for students to use at their seats or even at the teacher table. I really like these skinny Expo dry erase markers because the black ones just wipe off everything so easily! In my Guided Math Teachers Facebook group, many teachers shared that they let their students write directly on their desks with these!

You can get a set of white boards for your teacher table and for students to use at their seats. Over the years I have accumulated so many of these. I like the lined side for ELA and the completely blank side for Math.

Fact Fluency Practice Materials

Guided Math Materials: Flash Cards

Being able to practice math facts is a very important part of Guided Math. When you are gathering your guided math materials, you should have something for your students to use to independently practice their math facts.

I had some amazing donors for my classroom who bought each of my students their own set of math flashcards like these.

But, if you don’t have the ability to purchase these flashcards for each of your students, don’t worry, there is another option. I like to print fact fluency sheets from math-drills.com and stick them in sheet protectors. My students keep these in their desks and can use them any time they want to practice their facts. Because they are free and easy to change out, I can easily differentiate. You can print the answer key on the back so your students can quiz themselves!


In one of my Guided Math tubs, I have several timers. Students who are practicing math facts are allowed to borrow these timers. Typically, they like to time themselves to see how quickly they can do their sheet of math facts. I like these timers because they have a kickstand that allows the timer to stand up so students can keep an eye on the clock!

Guided Math Materials: Timers

Dice in Dice or Foam Dice

Guided Math Materials: Foam Dice

Many of my Guided Math activities allow students to use dice. Depending on your class you may choose to use foam dice like these, because they roll silently! They also don’t fly across the table and bounce all over the ground as much as traditional dice do.

If you think your class can handle it, these dice in dice have always been a huge hit with my students. There are so many possibilities for these! Your students can get the sum of the two dice, can multiply the two dice, or even subtract the dice. There are so many fun ways you can use these.

Dice in Dice are fun for students to use as they work on centers

Guided Math Materials for the Teacher


Guided Math Materials: Bell

I like to use a bell to signal to my students when its time to transition. Since I teach Flexible Guided Math, note all of my students are transitioning at the same time. The bell is a simple way for me to signal to them that if it is their time to be with me, they need to get ready.

Teacher tip: Double tap the bell and say “two minute warning” to give your students time to wrap up what they are working on. You can even call out specific names of students who you want to come to your table next.

Writing Materials You Love

During Guided Math, its really important to take anecdotal notes. (Learn why and HOW here.) Because of this, it’s important that you have some writing materials that you love. Papermate Flair pens are my favorite because they are fun and colorful and write so smoothly.

Papermate Flair pens are my favorite!

I also love to use post it notes. I think it’s important to have a really small size (the 2 inch cube) as well as the bigger square size. I use post it notes all day, every day.

Guided Math Teacher Binder

Of course, while you are working with your students, you’ll want some place to keep your notes and information organized. Learn about my Guided Math Teacher Binder, and grab yourself a free copy here!

What are your favorite materials to use for Guided Math?

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