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Fun Landforms and Bodies of Water Activities for 2nd Grade

Are you looking for ways to have fun teaching landforms and bodies of water? With a few simple activities, you can make Earth’s systems and processes come alive in the classroom! From hands-on activities to interactive notebooks and sorts – the second grade possibilities are endless.

Read on for some helpful ideas to spark your lesson planning creativity and keep your students engaged!

Teaching Quick and Slow Earth Events

In the first part of this science unit, your students will learn about events that shape the earth. Students will be introduced to quick events (such as a landslide) and slow events (such as erosion). Match before and after event puzzle pieces, make a mini book that teaches about earth shaping events, sort rapid and slow events, and do much more!

Discovering Solutions to Prevent Erosion

Students will learn all about erosion and the various ways we can prevent erosion. The concepts are taught in a kid-friendly way to make the standards relevant to students.

Learning About Models of Land and Water

In the third part of this unit, you’ll teach your students all about different landforms and bodies of water. Students will discover these through photos, posters, mini books, puzzle cards, and map creating. Have fun with your class and play landforms and bodies of water bingo with the included bingo boards!

Discovering Water on Earth

In the final section of this unit, students will learn about water on earth and how it is found in liquid and solid form. Students will review various landforms and bodies of water and will make note of whether the water is in a solid or liquid state.

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