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4th Grade Guided Math -Unit 6 Word Problems


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Make teaching multi step word problems fun with this 4th grade hands-on math unit! This 4th grade math unit covers standard 4.OA.3. Your students will learn

  • to solve two and three step equations
  • and word problems.



✏️What’s included in this fourth grade word problems unit:✏️

  • Unit overview that shows which lesson is being taught each day
  • Vocabulary and Definition Cards that help your students learn new vocabulary and incorporate it into their math conversations
  • Questioning Cards to guide your lesson and group conversations
  • Printables including posters, templates, manipulatives, and other tools to support your instruction
  • 2 weeks of word problems lesson plans that are teacher and student-friendly and are fully editable so you can adjust them to meet the needs of your students
  • Problem of the Day in four different formats!
  • Daily worksheets that are a quick check of the lesson taught each day. Each day 5 practice page is a review of the objectives covered during the week and can be used as formative assessment.
  • Daily center activities that provide fun and engaging extra practice
  • Additional resources including extra games, interactive notebooks and other resources to support instruction
  • Pre and Post Assessments for the unit that use similar problems so you can directly gauge student growth
  • Answer keys for the assessments and practice pages to save you precious time!




⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐These units are amazing in small group interventions.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Word problems always seem to be hard for my students and this was great practice for them.



This is the sixth unit of 4th Grade Guided Math. This unit is focused on 2-step word problems and 3-step word problems. (4.OA.3) (TEKS 4.4H, 4.5A–download the preview for more information about TEKS correlation) and is a two week long unit.

4th Grade Guided Math units are recommended for small group, targeted instruction, but also can be used in a whole group format.


There are two separate PDF’s included. One with CC Standards and one with TEKS standards.


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