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5th Grade Reading Comprehension Lessons -Google Classroom & Print BUNDLE

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Are you looking for resources to practice reading comprehension with your fifth graders? This is a bundle of all of my fifth-grade reading comprehension lessons. The lessons are aligned to standards, so you can just choose your standard and teach! Each lesson is included in both Google Slides and as a printable resource.


Each Reading Comprehension Lesson Includes:

  • Teaching slides to introduce the skill
  • 10 practice paragraphs with questions (digital & printable formats included)
  • Answer key


Since both digital and print versions are included, you can use this resource in a variety of ways!


How You Can Use These Lessons:

  • ✏️Whole Group Lesson: Use the teaching slides to introduce the skill. Then, model using 1 or 2 of the practice paragraphs. Assign the remaining paragraphs to your students to work on with a partner or independently.
  • Digital Assignments: The teaching slides are a great refresh for students as they work through the paragraphs.
  • Print and Practice: Because each lesson is aligned to a specific standard, you can choose random paragraphs for year-long practice of your grade-level standards. You can use these as homework, as an independent task during small group time, or as morning work!


Reading Comprehension Lessons Included In This Bundle:


  • RL.5.1 Inferences in Literature
  • RL.5.2 Theme/Summary of Short Stories and Poems
  • RL.5.2 Character Response
  • RL.5.2 Speaker Reflection of a Poem
  • RL.5.3 Compare/Contrast Settings
  • RL.5.3 Compare/Contrast Events
  • RL.5.3 Compare/Contrast Characters
  • RL.5.4 Metaphors and Similes
  • RL.5.4 Context Clues Unknown Words
  • RL.5.5 Structure of Poems
  • RL.5.5 Structure of a Drama
  • RL.5.6 Point of View
  • RL.5.7 Illustrations in a Text
  • RL.5.9 Compare and Contrast Two Stories From the Same Genre

Informational Text:

  • RI.5.1 Inferences in Informational Text
  • RI.5.2 Main Idea and Details & Summarizing
  • RI.5.3 Cause and Effect (Historical Texts)
  • RI.5.3 Cause and Effect (Scientific Texts)
  • RI.5.3 Cause and Effect (Technical Texts)
  • RI.5.4 Unknown Vocabulary (Historical Texts)
  • RI.5.4 Unknown Vocabulary (Scientific Texts)
  • RI.5.4 Unknown Vocabulary (Technical Texts)
  • RI.5.5 Text Structures of Two Texts
  • RI.5.6 Analyze Accounts of Same Event or Topic
  • RI.5.7 Information From Multiple Sources
  • RI.5.8 Reasons and Evidence
  • RI.5.9 Information From Two Texts




⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I liked that the passages were short and focused on the skill for exit tickets. I loved the digital aspect and how there were several slides to remind students of the skill before they read the passages.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Bought the product early on. A great review and way for students to engage in guided practice for each standard. Passages are short but still rigorous allowing for students to read several passages during a lesson.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This was so helpful in reviewing specific standards where my students were displaying weaknesses!




How do I access the digital/interactive version?

Inside the pdf is a link you will click that will give you a copy of the interactive Google Slides version. The digital lesson is prepped and ready to be assigned to your students. (Editable boxes are ready for students to type and any moveable objects are loaded on the slides.) The answer key and black & white practice pages are located in the PDF.




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