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Fun 3rd Grade Weather Activities

Are you looking for fun activities to teach weather to your students? Look no further than our 3rd Grade Weather and Climate unit!

This weather unit covers so many topics including types of weather, the water cycle, weather hazards, tools for measuring weather, graphing weather, and climates of the world!

Your students will never be bored with the hands-on activities and interactive materials in this unit!

Teach the Different Types of Weather

3rd grade weather activities to teach types of weather, the water cycle, and graphing weather

Introduce different types of weather and teach your students about meteorologists.

They can learn how weather can be forecasted, then use the weather graph to graph the actual type of weather vs. what was predicted! This is a great opportunity to talk about meteorologists and why their work is important. You can ask your students, where do we see meteorologists? (Most will say local news!) How does their work help us? (They help us know how to dress for the day, what type of weather to expect, and when to prepare for severe weather.)

Use this video to teach your students about more weather forecasting:

Teach Students About Weather Tools

3rd grade weather activities to teach weather tools and graphing weather

In this weather unit, students can learn about a variety of weather tools and how they can be used to measure weather.

The mini book and vocabulary cards teach students about the tools. Use the hands-on activity to create your very own weather vanes to determine wind direction!

Your students will love the weather tools pocket! Simply glue it in your science notebook and then students can label the tools and put them in the tool pocket. You can even have your students write on the back to explain what each weather tool does.

Many students are probably already familiar with thermometers and rain gauges, but I bet they’ve never learned about weathervanes, barometers, and anemometers!

There’s also a weather tools reading passage that brings the use of weather tools into real life. There are corresponding comprehension questions as well.

Learn About Weather Hazards

3rd grade weather activities to teach about preventing various weather hazards

Teach your students about different types of weather hazards and how to reduce these hazards.

A mini book is included that teaches students various solutions for weather hazards such as using sandbags, shingles, tornado shelters, boarded windows, lightning rods, and homes on stilts.

A fun drawing activity challenges your students to design and draw different solutions to protect a castle from severe weather.

Teach Climates of the World

3rd grade weather activities to teach climates of the world

This unit also teaches your students about six different climates: temperate, tropical, desert, Mediterranean, mountain, and polar. Photo posters help students visualize the climates as they learn their characteristics.

The mini book and interactive notebook pockets are a great way to study the climates and then sort their characteristics.

The ‘Study a Cactus’ activity allows students to look at the characteristics of a cactus and explain how they help a cactus survive in a desert climate.

There are also reading passages about all six climates taught in this unit!

Take a look:

Grab this 100+ page weather unit today!

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