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Teaching Back to School Routines

Teachers know how important it is to teach routines and procedures at the beginning of the year. For younger students, these new routines can be a lot to take in at one time! I created these mini behavior books to help students understand how to behave in certain situations. 

What’s Included:

  • a poster you can display
  • 6 page mini-books to teach each topic
  • color and black and white of the books and posters 

You can use the color version of the book as your own social story read aloud and the black and white version for students to color. After students create these books, they can take them home and talk to their families about what they learned! Keep the color version in your classroom so you can review expectations anytime you need! You can grab these books as a bundle, or each one individually.

Bathroom Behavior

In this mini book, students will learn expectations for the bathroom. The book talks about knocking if the door is closed, flushing, getting two pumps of soap, washing hands, and putting paper towel in the trash can. Below are a few pictures to show what the color version looks like.


Hallway Behavior

Students will learn about walking quietly, facing forward, keeping hands to themselves, not touching work on the walls, and listening to the teacher.

Cafeteria Behavior

Students will learn about walking quietly to the cafeteria, using manners to ask for their lunch, carrying their tray with two hands, eating lunch quietly, and throwing away all of their garbage.

Classroom Behavior

This mini book teaches students to listen to the speaker, follow their teacher’s directions, be kind to classmates, work well with others, and raise their hand.

School Bus Behavior

Students will learn how they are to sit in their assigned seat and talk quietly, how they should not stand or throw, keeping their hands to themselves, not having food or drinks, and sitting quietly while holding their backpack.

Being a Good Friend

This mini book teaches students that they can be a good friend by showing kindness, by helping each other, by being thoughtful, by cheering each other up, and by sharing.

Being a Good Listener

Students will learn what it means to be a good listener. This mini book covers keeping mouths closed, feet still, hands still, looking at the speaker, and thinking about what the speaker is saying.

Being Responsible

This book teaches being responsible in ways students can understand. They’ll learn about getting to school on time, asking for help, keeping their desk neat, taking home important papers, and doing their homework.

Having Manners

Students will learn about waiting their turn, saying sorry, chewing with their mouth closed, saying please and thank you, and covering their mouth when they cough or sneeze.

Anti Bullying

This book talks about what bullying means, what it looks like, how it hurts others, and what to do if you see it.

Recess Behavior

Students will learn about how to behave at recess including, waiting their turn, cleaning up, keeping hands to themselves, not arguing, and making smart and safe choices. You can check out the recess behavior book for free here!

  Click here to grab the bundle of behavior books.

Students will learn behavior expectations and rountines with these back to school mini books.
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