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Thematic Reading Comprehension Units Grades 3-5 Bundle

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Teach your reading standards in a thematic unit! Each reading unit within this bundle has a specific topic. Your students will learn content vocabulary, tier 2 vocabulary, and three specific skills within the context of the topic.


There are three skills covered within each unit. You can preview the individual units to see the standards they cover.



Each unit is made up of three parts.


Part One: Introducing the Topic (Recommended 1-2 Days)

  • A building background slideshow (pdf)
  • Did You Know Facts
  • Video Links and Website Links
  • Topic Vocabulary & Tier 2 Vocabulary Cards
  • Vocabulary Interactive Notebook Pages


Part Two: Skills & Standards in Context (Recommended 1-2 Days)

  • A skill slideshow (to be used to teach/practice the three skills with your students) (pdf)
  • Tier 2 Words Synonym Puzzles
  • Other Resources to Practice the Skills


Part Three: Assessing Comprehension (Recommended 1-2 Days)

  • 3 Reading Passages
  • Vocabulary Assessments



The topic of the units included in this bundle are:

  • Rainforests
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Gold Rush




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