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August Reading Passages for Back to School Reading Comprehension – Activities and Anchor Charts


This resource is delivered digitally. You will receive a link to download via Google Drive.


Are you looking for engaging reading comprehension practice for back to school? These reading passages cover a variety of comprehension skills for upper grades students. There are 4 fiction and 4 nonfiction passages included in this resource. High-interest topics like hurricanes, no-bake cookies, an octopus’ brain, and more are included!


Do you ever feel like you are just handing your students a passage to work on without actually taking time to teach a specific reading skill? Look no further for the perfect resource! Not only does this include 8 passages, but there are also anchor chart posters that help teach the skills. You can use these as part of your instruction, or print them and put them in student notebooks as a reference tool!


✏️What’s Included:✏️

  • 8 Back to School / August Reading Passages (4 Fiction, 4 Nonfiction)
  • Text-Dependent Comprehension Questions (Multiple Choice & Written Response)
  • 8 Anchor Chart Posters to teach the skills of each passage
  • 8 Graphic Organizer/Activities
  • Paired Passages Graphic Organizer so students can compare facts found in two of the passages
  • Answer Keys


Nonfiction Passages Included & Skills Covered:

  • The Octopus: Brain of the Ocean (Main Idea & Details)
  • Cool Cookies: A Sweet Snack (Text Structure: Chronological Order)
  • Hurricanes: A Super-Storm (Inferences)
  • The Problems with Plastic (Context Clues)


Fiction Passages Included & Skills Covered:

  • A Great School Year (Character Traits/Comparing Characters)
  • The Visit (Story Elements/Plot)
  • Safe From the Storm (Inferences)
  • Making Sense of Math (Theme/Summarizing)


Answer keys are included and black & white versions are provided as well.



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