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4th Grade Guided Math -Digital Companion Unit 11 Decimals


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This 4th Grade Guided Math Digital Companion includes nine digital math lessons on the topic of decimals. These are digital lessons in Google™ Slides for use in Google™ Classroom.

These lessons are NOT included in the Guided Math units in my store. These are digital companions that you may choose to use along with the units.

In each lesson, students will read a few simple-to-understand teaching slides and then will answer ten problems. The teaching slides are helpful because they can explain the skill to your students in a simple way. The teaching slides are also helpful to any parent who is helping their child complete the assignment during distance learning. In the classroom, these digital lessons can be used as part of your instruction or as a digital center.

What’s Included:

  • Lesson 1: Hundredths as Decimals
  • Lesson 2: Tenths as Decimals
  • Lesson 3: Decimals on a Grid
  • Lesson 4: Comparing Decimals to One Half
  • Lesson 5: Mixed Numbers as Decimals
  • Lesson 6: Mixed Numbers on a Grid
  • Lesson 7: Compare Decimals
  • Lesson 8: Order Decimals
  • Lesson 9: Decimals on a Number Line


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