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4th Grade Advanced Opinion Piece Writing Unit {W.4.1.C, W.4.1.D}


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This fourth grade Advanced Opinion Piece Writing Unit is just what you need to teach this skill! When it comes to writing, there is so much we want (and need) to teach our students. However, we cannot focus on all of it all at once or we will cause our students to hate writing. I have broken this down into easy to implement lesson plans and have included all of the materials you need. This unit can be implemented at an easy pace—spread out over four weeks, or can be condensed to be taught in a shorter time period.

Why is this unit called “advanced”?

This is the second opinion unit in my writing series. In the first opinion unit, students were taught opinion writing basics (how to write reasons that support and opinion statements). In this unit they will still do those things (with less support) and will now focus on using linking words to connect their opinion with their reasons and writing a strong conclusion.

“Advanced” does not mean this is a unit only for your high flyers—it simply means it is a more in depth unit to be taught after the first opinion unit.

What’s Included:

  • Mentor Text
  • Rubric & Checklists
  • 12 Easy to Implement Lesson Plans
  • 6 Centers
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Posters (Also can be printed and put in a writing notebook)
  • UPDATE: Now includes a digital (Google Slides) version of the resource! Learn more here.

What’s Taught: (W.4.1.C, W.4.1.D)

  1. Generating Strong Topics
  2. Writing an Opinion Statement
  3. Opinion Essay Outline
  4. Writing an Introduction
  5. Types of Linking Words
  6. Incorporating Linking Words
  7. Writing as Paragraphs
  8. Writing a Conclusion
  9. Emotions and Feelings
  10. Editing with a Partner
  11. Revising & Revisiting the Rubric
  12. Publishing


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