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1st Grade Math Centers -Covers ALL 1st Grade Math Standards


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30 Common Core Aligned 1st Grade Math Centers

Who doesn’t want SIMPLE set up math centers for their classroom? These were created with you in mind! The centers involve matching cards with answers to the corresponding problems. A recommended way to set this up is to use file folders. One page can be glued down and cards on the other page are cut up to match. You can also use these as memory games as well as interventions.

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Here’s what’s included:

❤️Numbers and Base Ten:

  • 1-2: Reading Numbers
  • 3-5: Place Value Blocks-Tens and Ones
  • 6: Comparing Numbers
  • 7: Addition 2-digit numbers
  • 8: Ten More and Ten Less
  • 9: Subtracting Multiples of Ten

❤️Measurement and Data:

  • 10: Smallest to Largest
  • 11: Measuring Length
  • 12: Telling Time
  • 13: Data


  • 14: Is it a shape?
  • 15: Name the Shapes
  • 16: Halves and Fourths

❤️Operations and Algebraic Thinking:

  • 17-18: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
  • 19: Three Addends
  • 20: Addition Fact Families
  • 21: Three Addends to Two
  • 22: Addition and Subtraction Fact Families
  • 23: Counting Up
  • 24: Counting Down
  • 25-26: Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency
  • 27-28: Addition/Subtraction True False Board Games
  • 29-30: Missing Numbers

EASY set up math centers covering EVERY first grade common core standard.

30 Centers!


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