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Guided Math Lesson Plan Template

Are you looking for a guided math lesson plan template that can help you write your small group lesson plans? I’m going to share with you an example of the template I use in all of my Guided Math units.

(You can get more information on all of my units on TpT for Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The best part? All of the lessons I have written in the units are completely editable!) 

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Guided Math Lesson Plan Example

example guided math lesson plan template for small math groups

Unit Name and Standard

Use this to keep yourself organized. You can name your unit based on the skill you are covering, based on the standard, or based on your district’s name for the unit. Listing the standard is a great place to show your administrator that your lesson is aligned to your state’s standards.


This is where you will write the specific, achievable objective for the day’s lesson. For more information about SPECIFIC and ACHIEVABLE objectives, check out this post.


I usually put all of the terms for the lesson or the entire unit in this box–depending on how many terms there are.

These are terms I want to make sure my students understand and are comfortable using as we talk about math.

In my Guided Math units, students have vocabulary and definition cards to practice these terms, as well as a trifold to put in their math notebooks.


I list all of the materials needed for the day’s lesson.


The reason I named this box Questioning and not “Essential Questions” is because there are a variety of questions that I included here.

I include guiding questions for the lesson, much like an essential question. But I also include questions I want to make sure my students understand and can answer.


I use the gradual release model when I write lesson plans. (I do, we do, you do, you do.) This is where you will describe your actual teaching for the lesson.

Remediation and Enrichment

I like to look at the grade level above and below to fill in these boxes.

If my students are struggling with the skill, I will look at the standards from the previous grade to see where they may have some holes in their understanding.

For students who are excelling, I will look at the expectations for the next grade level to give them an extra push.

Additional Optional Resources

This is where I list any other links or resources that I plan to use during the unit. You can link to any videos or links you may need to pull up during the lesson.

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