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Go-To Guided Math Lessons For When You’re Short on Planning Time

Are you short on planning time, but in need of something to do with your small group that is meaningful? Here are some go-to Guided Math lessons that you can use on the fly!

Partner Practice

Assign a problem to your group of students and then pair them off into partner pairs. Tell them to find two different ways to solve the problem you assign them.

What’s Wrong?

Introduce a problem from your current unit of study that has been solved incorrectly. Have a group discussion about how the problem was solved wrong, and how to correctly solve it.

Incorporate Your Vocabulary

Incorporating vocabulary into your Guided Math lesson is an excellent way to review or reinforce your current standards. You can learn several activities for incorporating math vocabulary into your lessons here.

Here’s one way:

Choose a few sample problems from your current math unit. Have students solve the problems and write out written responses explaining how they got their answer and have them include specific vocabulary terms.

Easy Guided Math Lesson Idea: Use Vocabulary!
Pictured: Vocabulary and Definition Cards from 5th Grade Guided Math

Be the Teacher

Give each student at the table a problem and have them teach the group how to solve it. To make it fun, allow students to sit in your teacher chair.

Create an Interactive Notebook Page

Create an anchor chart or other poster with your group. Have them copy it into their math notebook. You can also create math notes on the board and have them copy those.

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