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Fun Ways to Review at the End of the School Year

At the end of the school year, you may be wondering how you can review concepts taught all year to prepare your students for end-of-year testing. If you’re looking for FUN ways to review the standards and skills you taught, then check out this list!

1. Trash-ket Ball

Trash-ketball is a really fun review activity where students earn the chance to crumple a piece of paper and attempt a shot into a basket (like a trashcan or—if you’re really into this, a toy basketball hoop)! All they need to get a chance to shoot is a correct answer on their paper!

You can make this game as simple or as complicated as you want. You can set designated distances for the attempted shots. Closer shots are worth one point, while farther shots offer two points, and the farthest shots yield three points.

Save paper by reusing the balls! You can have students play individually or, prior to starting the game, divide students into teams and make a simple scoreboard to track points throughout the activity.

2. Four Corners

This is a simple indoor recess game that can be modified for test prep. Label each corner A, B, C, and D for multiple choice problems.

I have used a released sample end of grade test from my state. My students do a few problems a day. When we review our answers, I have them go stand in the corner that is labeled with their answer choice.

3. Scoot

To play Scoot, prepare a set of task cards, each featuring a question or problem. The task cards are placed on each student’s desk in numerical order. Students start at their own desks, respond to the task card in front of them, and record their answers on an answer sheet. When a signal is given (like a timer or your own command), students rotate to the next desk to answer the next question. This continues until all questions have been answered.

Students love moving around the room and getting a chance to sit at every desk! It’s a quick and easy way to practice 20ish problems!

4. Kahoot

Kahoot is a free website where teachers can create a review game for their students. You can choose from a variety of question types which makes it an ideal choice for any subject area!

To play with your students, simply assign and give them the code and they can play as individuals, groups, or as a whole class.

Kahoot is a great way to review before math tests. You can create problems that are just like the ones students will see on their assessments–just use different numbers. (It can help you see any areas that you may need to review with your entire class!)

5. Interactive Math Practice

Make your math review lessons more fun and engaging by using digital lessons that your students can interact with.

These Magic Reveal fact fluency slides are a fun way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

You can also use interactive pieces in these digital math lessons. Throughout the lessons, students have opportunities to click and drag pieces as well as type their answers.

Students love to click and drag pieces!

You can get these digital math lessons for your grade level:

6. Theme Week (Or Theme Day!)

Theme-weeks (or theme days) are such a fun way to get your students excited about review! There are so many ways you can incorporate a theme into your regular lessons!

  • Reading Passages
  • Math Worksheets or Centers
  • Science Lessons or Videos
  • Creative Writing

Check out ideas for having SHARK WEEK in your classroom!

7. Doodle Sheets

Paired passages are a tough skill for students. They have to be able to answer comprehension questions from information gained from both passages.

That’s why I created this fun and interactive Paired Passages resource where students answer comprehension questions and also fill out doodle sheets using information they learned from both texts.

You can try one for free here.

8. Plan a Movie Writing

movie planning worksheets for a fun end of year writing activity: characters, problem solution, and setting worksheets

A fun way to practice writing at the end of the year is to let your students plan a movie! This free resource has students plan out a story on fun movie-themed worksheets.

After they’ve written their story, they can decorate the tickets to their movie premiere and design the snacks! This is a fun way to practice setting, characters, problem, and solution.

9. Reading Comprehension Escape Rooms

One of my favorite resources are these Reading Comprehension Quests! They are sort of like an escape room–except you don’t need any locks!

Your students will finally be EXCITED to practice reading comprehension.

With each passage they read, students will complete a comprehension worksheet and then will earn a clue from you. They’ll use the clues to work on their elimination chart to solve the quest!

In this edition, students must figure out who the author is of a firsthand account letter written by a Titanic survivor.

The set up is SO easy because teachers are busy!

There are many Comprehension Quests in my TpT store, but a student FAVORITE is always the Titanic Quest.

10. Have Prize Drawings

Going over the answers to tests or worksheets with your students? When students get their problems correct, you can have them enter their names in a jar for a prize drawing. The more problems they answer correctly, the more entries they have for the drawing!

You can give out little prizes, such as fun pencils, erasers, candy, homework passes, etc… (You can also ask parents to donate prizes for the drawings.)

I hope these ideas have helped you make end of year review fun for your students. What are your favorite ways to review for the end of the year?

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