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Cause and Effect Sentence Sort

Getting students to grasp the concept of cause and effect can be tricky. They often get hung up on which is the cause and which is the effect, but really what’s most important is that students are learning how sentences are related to each other and how one thing (event) can impact another. 
The idea behind this activity is for students to read a paragraph about a topic and then identify causes and effects from within this paragraph. When they are given the sentences mixed up and out of order, they aren’t simply matching, but they are looking for connections.
  • Is this sentence related to this one?
  • What sentence further explained this one?
  • What details were related?

Teachers love the included response sheet so students can justify their answers. This gives them the chance to write to explain one of their cause and effect pairs. The file also includes ideas for differentiation and extension for older students.

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