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Bridging the Gap: Bringing Your Students Up to Speed After a Crazy School Year

Last school year was crazy. Suffice to say—it was the most out of the ordinary school year any of us have ever experienced, including our students.

Maybe this year will be just as crazy…even crazier. It’s anyone’s guess.

You likely have a lot of emotions as you think about the new school year.

Maybe you’re nervous to be back at school. Maybe you are thrilled to be teaching in your classroom again and are ready to hit the ground running. Maybe you are doing distance learning again. Maybe you are juggling in-person learning and distance learning.

Maybe you have mixed emotions. I know I do.

However you feel, that’s okay.

One thing is for certain—you probably feel overwhelmed by how important this school year is. With our students missing a quarter or more of the school year—plus having a long summer break, you likely feel the pressure to get them up to speed.

That’s why I created this Bridging the Gap Guide Book. I wanted to help you have a way to think about how you are going to tackle this school year—since it is so different from any other school year!

In this guide book, I explain how to have a plan for the year, how to line up your instruction to bridge the gaps, and how to prioritize everything you are doing.

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